Chatbot Development Services

The conversations today are growing exponentially. Chatbot is a product that comes to your rescue to deal with heavy chat traffic on your site.


Chatbot is a software application for artificial intelligence (AI), and using text messaging apps, websites, web application, mobile applications or the phone, can mimic a debate with an user in a natural language. One of the most up-to-date and encouraging expressions of communication between the humans and machines is often called chatbot. At Theta Technolabs, we build these automated conversations for you.

Chatbot - A solution to many problems

Chatbot, AI Human as Business Assistant

Thanks to consistently successful chat experience from previous years, small companies are also using AI technology to enhance their day-to-day procedures, communicate with customers and raise revenue. Combining and uniting applications from various areas through bots enables companies to bring their computer software to a new stage. Socially mobile Slack, Telegram, Messenger, etc. research shows us that the AI-focused bots will continue to be needed. However, it isn't so seamless and some facets of its use still slowly introduce chatbots to the company today.


Chatbot Integration for Mobile Applications

The exercise of installing a web - based chat is frequently being used by companies for webchat or chat self - service purposes. And even some companies directly transfer this communicative real experience to their mobile applications. It offers 3 main approaches to the integration of chatbots and mobile apps: That are App - based chatbot, a tab based chatbot and a UI based chat bot. So each integration strategy requires a different end goal with its advantages and disadvantages.


Chatbot Integration for Websites

Assimilating a chatbot to your company's website enhances user participation. The improvement of user participation in company websites is important as it enables to preserve clients. A very well developed chatbot keeps customers on your website by supplying them with relevant data on their services and products. A chatbot also sometimes instantaneously provides interesting data to help customers make better decisions.


Integrate with Messenger Platforms

Here on the other hand, chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning are "smarter and better" and can answer much more unclear questions by generating answers from scratch. Such chatbots can actually learn when they are integrated with the messenger. Alas, however, AI chatbots are much more expensive to build, as you might have assumed. While there are lots and lots of chatbot programs from third parties which enable you to easily build bots that assimilate with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber.

There is always more to your imagination that what is penned down. Come to us with an imagination and allow us to help you convert that into reality.