Machine Learning

Machine Learning aims to allow the systems to learn automatically without human intervention or assistance. We are here to assist you in choosing the right tools and get things started off for you.


Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that enables the computer systems to learn and adapt from the past experience automatically without explicit programming. Machine learning relies on developing software programs which can obtain and use information on their own.

Machine learning algorithms allows computers,machines or devices to predict the data - driven decisions instead of being explicitly coded to perform a specific task. These algorithms or programs are developed to learn from the available data and generate useful outputs.

Our Specializations

Text Analysis

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is also known as “Analysis of feelings” which is a type of research into texts. This feature is precisely useful to judge if a customer is happy or unhappy with the service. It uses a mixture of Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to categorize and obtain qualitative information. It can obtain information such as the feelings, thoughts, judgments or evaluations of a reviewer or a customer in focus.

Information extraction

The extraction of information (IE) is the job of automatically extracting structured or organized data from unstructured or semi - structured data. Information extraction comes in handy to analyse a bunch of reports or documents for useful outcome. For instance, a company can extract financial data from the past and plot them.

Improved content discovery

A content discovery is a software recommendation platform that uses tools for the recommendation system. To discover and recommend appropriate content, it uses user data while lowering ongoing upkeep and production costs. A content discovery platform provides websites, mobile phones and set-top boxes with customized content.

Smart Filtering

With billions of chats and emails circulating around the world, it becomes difficult for an individual to keep track of everything. Smart Filtering helps you identify and categorise the data and place it in the right area. For instance, most of the email providers today have filters in place to remove promotional emails. You can also analyse and find the right potential leads based on chat analysis.

Data Analysis

Information Analysis

With a large set of documents being circulated in the organization on daily basis, it becomes difficult to organize and store the content. With Machine learning, you can automate the process of analysing the information, categorising it and storing in the right place. With Machine learning, systems can understand your business domain and help you analyse the information that is available quite easily.

Anomaly detection

Just like getting the projections are quite important, detecting anomalies or frauds in the systems also is becoming important. With Organizations running on a large number of employees, manually monitoring for any frauds is a difficult situation. With the power of machine learning, the systems can start automatically understanding the loop holes in the system and track anyone who exploits them.


Predictive Analysis

Data Visualization

Projecting the right outcomes is becoming extremely important for organizations today. With Machine Learning, we can analyse the past data like financial records, transactions and other attributes to find out the path that lies ahead. A company can get a clearer visualization with organized data.

Predictions for Future

In machine learning the evaluation of time series includes methodologies for the analysis of time series data to obtain significant statistics and other data attributes. Time series forecasting is a template for predicting future values based on previously observed values. With such a system in place, you can project various attributes based on the data that has been provided to the system for ingestion.


Image Analysis

Image tagging

On web pages and social posts, textual content and images often appear together. One thing is the ability to examine text to understand a web page's context, but the ability to understand both text and images on a web page can provide a much deeper grasp of a page.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a method that uses software tools to convert scanned text images to digital text. This information can be used to search, index and collect digitised data. OCR engines can come in handy for applications like form scanning, ID proof scanning, ID verification as well as automating tasks like processing invoices at a rapid pace. Other potential applications include extraction of data from business documents, checks, passports, invoices, bank statements, insurance documents, license plates etc.
Our team is always hungry to grab more challenges. With the scope of machine learning growing exponentially, there is always more to discuss.