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Case Study

Marketplace App for On-Demand Residential & Industrial Civil Work


Type of project

Client location

Marketplace App for On-Demand Residential & Industrial Civil Work

Project overview

Our client is a Construction Chemical Manufacturer based in India with a global presence in approximately 26 countries around the world. They found a gap in the market for a marketplace app that connects civil work service providers to service seekers for residential as well as industrial civil work.

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The challenge

Comprehend the workflow
There are different processes for each type of civil work. To create an app that caters to both ends of the audience as well as the stakeholders, we needed to understand the business domain and the workflow.

Water leakage detection
The client specifically asked for a solution to detect the water leakage via the application especially when it’s concealed in the wall so the vendor can estimate accurately before starting actual work. This would also reduce the probable conflict between the service provider and the service seeker.

Our effective

Robust software solution
We built a web as well as mobile app solution for all three types of users: service seeker, vendor/service provider and the service in charge or mediator. The system allows the mediator to cracker all the deals and ensure that the service provider is providing the exact service that the client has asked for.

Computer Vision for water leakage detection
To enable computer vision for water leakage detection, we came up with a brilliant solution. We used a thermal camera and through the heatmap service provider, we could easily identify the water leakage if it is concealed into the wall.

Value delivered

AWS serverless architecture To create a highly scalable, robust solution
Thermal Camera Since the current mobile phone cameras don’t support thermal vision, we suggested the usage of an external thermal camera that works seamlessly with our current application.

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