OEM and CFA are Sales Production Automation tool with integration of SAP which automated the process of production and sales


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Submits Production - Once the production completed, it will scan the product and register its all data. Dispatch to CFA: The data will be sent to CFA for the purpose of dispatching the product.


OEM Screens

OEM is a production channel. It has two processes. First, it will collect the finished products, and scan all those with Barcode. Second, it will register the products with all the required details.


CFA Screens

CFA is a distribution channel. CFA scan the material received from either OEM or from another CFA. The purpose of re-scanning material is to remove duplicity. CFA will pass the data and products for the process of dispatch. When the products come in to dispatch process, it will scan the barcode to check weather product is similar as CFA passed or not. If everything’s good then it’s ready to dispatch to distributors


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ShopCloud is an E-commerce application only for Electronics items. Available at both play store for Android and App Store for iOS. No need to go out for electronics equipment, stay home, use ShopCloud and get the items delivered wherever you want.


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Login & Sign Up

Login and register with either email id or Facebook. Signup with Facebook can automatically fetch user’s date from Facebook profile. User, who wanted to register by e-mail, has to fill the registration form. Once the registration is done, you can enjoy shopping from the application.



User views the categories of products from Home. We have used the Business Intelligence (BI) process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help users. Use of BI can suggest users for offers & promotions, Bestselling items, Daily featured products and also newly added products.


Item Details

Here, the user can find all the details of a particular product. Product’s ratings and reviews are being shown here. You can buy a product from here, just hit Add to carts and follow some basic steps and Make Payment. User can add products in the wishlist for future purpose. So they can pick it from wishlist once they wanted to purchase.


AI based Shopping Chatbot

It’s an Artificial Intelligence-based Chabot where user can ask question/queries and get answers/suggestions accordingly. Basically, it helps those users who do not want to view all products and have an idea of what they wanted to buy. But they do not have enough information about the product. In this situation, our AI Chabot works the best.

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An interactive learning application compatible on iPad and Web. Zoozil has tie up with schools which provides application for both Teachers and Students. Zoozil motivates the reluctant readers through technology


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Zoozil Library

Zoozil’s books let adolescent readers go back in ancient times to direct the characters, explore new viewpoint and even change the ending. Students can add the books in wish list for future reading


e-Book Reader (ePub)

It gives some phenomenal facilities such as highlight text, search particular word/line, redirect to a specific page form where user wants to read. Teachers can also see the text which students have highlighted while reading. Zoozil let readers to enjoy videos at the end of every books.“They’re more than just books- They’re journey through time that readers will never forget”



Teachers and students both have rites to view and edit their profile. They need their credentials for this step.


Student Library & Classes

Student have library from which they can purchase a book and start scrutinize their interest. They can have a new adventure each time they read while learning and growing all along the way. It’s fun to read stories, but it’s more fun to choose what happens next


Promotional Video

One can watch attractive promotional videos of to make Zoozil more interesting. We combine best elements of interactivity, compelling information, and exciting storytelling to captivate readers from grades K-12.

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