Big Data

Our comprehensive big data solutions and services make it possible for modern companies to focus on both core business and operational activities.


Our team is skilled to provide Big Data solutions that are aligned to follow the below steps in the process of generating valuable outcomes.

Collection of data sets

The collection of big data among small to large companies is extremely important because this mechanism increases data analytics while optimizing business strategies. Depending on the sorts of technologies you use, you can choose your own data gathering strategy.

Processing of data sets

This methodology used by Theta Technolabs enables to examine even large data sets. Full power and full scale of Offline batch data processing is generally used in instances of Arbitrary BI use, while real time streaming on the most existing data chunk is carried out in order to select exceptions etc.

Analysis of data

This analysis is supplemented by development tools, which are often used in advanced technological analysis professions like predictive analysis, data collection, text analysis and data analysis. Our professionals use technologies like Hadoop and related new tools like YARN, MapReduce, Spark, Hive and Pig and NoSQL.

Execution of data

Our specialists use a range of methodologies that fit your business requirements, and new paradigms such as Spark, Tez, Flink, Storm, Samza are included within the Hadoop ecosystem. We therefore choose the finest roadmap to address the problems.

How can Theta Technolabs help ?

We are offering vendor-balanced suggestions customized to the latest technology, inclinations and goals of clients using our big data analytics solutions. We facilitate companies to develop a well-specified architecture that makes their daily procedures more efficient. Big Data is enhanced by our expertise in Hadoop-based applications, MPP databases, cloud services technologies as well as other innovative technologies.
As among the leading companies of big data services, we inform clients upon the most suitable infrastructure paradigm while guaranteeing that big data technology is deployed without any problems. Our experts in big data analytics solutions optimize big data infrastructure assimilation and configuration by removing complexities in prose and preserving complicated Apache Hadoop code.
As leading companies of Big Data services, we showcase demonstrated technologies to effectively manage the entire life cycle of the execution of Big Data-installation, production, support and maintenance. Our professionals in Big Data Business consulting have developed roadmap and alternatives for all functional components, such as data provision, data management and consumption, as well as the innovative technologies and instruments which are led the big data environment.
The primary goal of big data software firms is to examine huge amounts of data and use analytics and insights to way better decide and to classify actions. We have expertise and knowledge able to work with different data visualization and analytics tools such as QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, SAS, R, IBM Cognos, Azure ML and much more, that distinguish us from all Big Data Companies.

Why choose us?

At Theta Technolabs, we have modern technological specialist in Big Data, and we customize big data customers, from small data analytics companies to big companies for their large amount of data.

  • We have a squad of many qualified software developers who can manage software programming and software services.
  • Our software developers did work on specific customer prerequisites and developed applications for different sectors.
  • We have extensive knowledge in creating highly customized web application for a wide range of industries worldwide.
  • Without sacrificing on quality, We help companies boost overall productivity, efficiency, save time and resources at the very same time.