Maintenance & Support

With convoluted Theta Technolabs software maintenance, maintain your software safe. Continuous productivity with precise plans, consumer impacts and roadblock prevention.


Theta Technolabs offers devoted computer software maintenance and support services, allowing you to focus on your key industry processes more effectively. We have a team of experts in software development, who have knowledge and experience which is solidified by over the years of industry experience. For all of your software prerequisites we provide continuous maintenance and real-time services.

Our Aspects of Software Maintenance and Support

Preventative Maintenance

When a series of similar objections were received or issues were returned which you considered already covered in the software, the period for repairs may be indicated. We would not only solve your computer software for your basic needs but also make sure it will continue as the demands of your company shake up.

Corrective Maintenance

The Theta Technolabs expertise team will examine and exam your computer software for issues including layout mistakes (confusion of the user experience, menu options mistakes etc.), reasoning mistakes and basic code problems. We have years of expertise in debugging poor system performance and can resolve all issues and problems.

Perfective Maintenance

In order to solidify the application until real issues arise, software maintenance sometimes requires tracking of the application and its ecosystem. For instance, we can reorganize the code in line with newest engineering standards by making small changes, deleting segments, inserting new code or making improvements to improve its features. In this regard, our team will conduct experiments and then develop and enact any additional functionalities you need in order to improve the greatness of your computer software during routine maintenance periods.

Adaptive Maintenance

There are a lot of problems that an institution needs to start an adaptive maintenance scheme. Your app might not usually work like it used to, if your computer systems or other such crucial equipment has been upgraded. Another ambition for adaptive maintenance is improvements in rules and regulations. It's definitely time to report for this service when you modify the datatype you are using. We may also assist you in integrating a new software or updating any defending services as all these improvements will decrease your application's efficiency.

Excellent Support

Our support team is there to support you whether you need further backing in debugging the problems of software abnormalities or run into a bug that prevents your squad from putting their job finished in time. We offer services and support to a plethora of agencies and application groups, from small and medium-sized companies to large companies aimed at lowering costs by providing support.