Product Development

We provide Optimized, adaptable and creative alternatives in product development for complex industry needs.


In all sectors, software products are becoming common. Every business sector will use new technology with the rise of automation to remain ahead of the competitiveness. It is obvious that the creation of new products does not involve supporting a series of procedures but instead addresses personal experiences and expertise. With the continual innovation of creative ideas, Sensiple enables you lessen expenditure and scalability while developing a product that meet the required marketplace demand. We are confident that we will help you to build products which is consistent with the demands of the consumer and updated new technology

In order to develop a rigorous product or service Theta Technolabs provides point to point support to ISV. We can trust any phase of your SDLC, product improvements for precise customers and any development initiatives that traverse your way with our deep and wide consultation and expertise and experience. Our facilities also cover support and maintenance for post-advancement. We can be your enhanced production team to meet the demands of your company. We will help you concentrate on your main business. With our profitable product development process, we take advantage of the MVP theory, where clients do not need to wait until the new product.

What We Offer

Services for Product Transformation

Fundamentally, new-age products are formed with versatile cloud services. In addition, agencies with conventional products move quickly to the cloud. Theta Technolabs has supported agencies with cloud service reengineering. We have indeed facilitated cloud consultancies and put into effect PDLC.

Advising & Consulting

The perspective to the greatness of every product is consistency among business needs and a prototype solution. Our professionals work with companies to analyze technological feasibility. The product Mind mapping and Rapid prototyping shall be carried out with a shorter lifespan for product development.

Development of incremental products

Theta Technolabs structure focuses on the production of iterative product where full and fringe modules in close cooperation with the consumer are developed. over the long years, our paradigm has been strongly applied for the production of new products and functionalities.

Services for reengineering

Customers have unstable demands, so companies have to revisit and reengineer their brands. Theta Technolabs team recognize the global market complexities and have therefore worked in sectors such as assimilation from old to modern technological platforms, code optimization, performance tuning and so on with a number of worldwide clients.

Localization Services

We help our clients to customize a worldwide product for a specific nation and language. Theta Technolabs teams have helped different clients by delivering UI layout, text location, tests, reintegration and redeployment services.

Technical Documentation

The business needs document, the product requirement document, technical specification document, user information document etc. are produced on the basis of the product development plan.

Why choose us?

  • Based on experience obtained, smarter methods and new technology modernisation, the prototypes are continually thoroughly tested and improved.
  • Project - relevant prototypes are customized according to customer demands from standard systems.
  • We also have a dedicated, academic group which continually quantifies the importance - for - money of our clients through third party company and internal tools pertaining to the project management, process management and software engineering.
  • Customer specifications and maximize ROI applications are encountered using cutting - edge applications.
  • In order to accomplish flexible client support, we create timely and budgetary applications.