Product Re-engineering

In terms of overall ownership cost, cost per function and function, times for sale, Theta Technolabs helps clients to re - engineer products which could offer excellent performance, reliability and performance.


Product Re-Engineering is all about upgrading an existing product. It is about fixing its bugs and flaws, adding new features along with ensuring lowered down-times. Reverse engineering is one method which very commonly used in Product Reengineering. The idea behind product reengineering is to enhance the performance of a particular product by incorporating new features and functionalities to it. The modern and sophisticated technologies are often used to carry out this task of product optimizations.

Benefits of Product Engineering Services

Product re-engineering service come to rescue when you do not have the right skill set to understand and develop a product from scratch. Our experts help you in developing the product by re-engineering and helping your team understand the product enhancements better. Below are few benefits of opting our service.

  • Reengineering helps add additional functionality to an existing model and therefore saves additional spending for rewrite / redevelop – lower costs & time applications.
  • The latest technology will be used to improve the durability of existing systems through product reengineering.
  • Cost savings & time in user training terms which will have to be spent in the development of an application.

Our Re-engineering Services


Hardly anything begins before we establish the exact requirements for the reengineering project of your software. We should look for and give you the particulars to agree to the information domain. The current requirements take on the best elements of the outdated software edition and assimilate them in your new conditions.


Integrated new product development process (PDP) optimization is a important technique to enhance the capacity for product development. Time, performance, cost, quality of service and ecosystem should also be targeted. We will confirm that the software is configured and well - fitted with your computer systems before we give you the software.


Our team selects the design at this point, provides customer interaction mechanisms and verifies the application's requirements for each and every module. Also, we begin to prototype the software to provide information for your stakeholders to confirm the work that needs to be done.


We have years of expertise supplying precise documentation for our customers as a top application development company in India. In order to achieve this, the system infrastructure is outlined, detailed sourcecode summaries are written and all the other in-codes posts needed by our programs, who have outstanding English expertise.


We review device requirements, assign members of the team to create and re-code software, arrange for particulars like a new menu system and the new modules. Project leaders monitor the code throughout this process that makes sure that there were no glitches or issues. When we re-engineer your application, you can safely assume that quality assurance is always on our mind.