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We develop efficient medical software of any complexity for hospitals, healthcare practitioners, caregivers to help you improve the quality of medical care and increase patient satisfaction.From prototyping to healthcare software development, deployment and maintenance, we provide you with a complete range of software engineering services.

Some of our Health industry
use cases

AI in healthcare
Make data-driven decisions for all areas of healthcare business from disease propensity, drug delivery optimization, hospital readmission, modelling ICU occupancy rates to health tech marketing. Use DL to recognize patterns in medical images.
Healthcare Chatbot
We build chatbots that improve the efficiency of booking appointments and enable doctor-patient communication
Computer Vision
Enhance the safety and security of hospitals and the workforce. Monitor premises for suspicious activity, know about the location and size of the object. Make accurate diagnoses for timely treatment.
Custom EMR/EHR Solution
Takes patient-doctor interactions to the next level. Build a custom solution that addresses the underlying operational challenges, ensures quality monitoring of patient services and supports seamless healthcare
Improve patient-doctor engagement through virtual healthcare services. Develop an integrated healthcare app with a focus on accessibility, security, and reliability in a variety of set-ups such as Remote Clinics, Virtual Medical Centers, Tele-ICUs, Mobile Health and Home Health
Patient engagement
Improve patient outcomes through personalized follow-up care. Establish multiple touchpoints using mHealth Apps, connected devices and chatbots to assess care coordination, impart health education, digital therapeutics and lifestyle management
Remote Health Monitoring
Stay on top of patients’ progress by continuously monitoring their health. Develop AI-integrated, IoT enabled & HL7 compliant connected care platforms to provide patient care, diagnostics, advice & coordination to patients in the comfort & safety of their homes.
Practice management solutions
Attract, manage and retain your patients. Develop custom practice management software with dedicated modules, portals, and features to save time, boost operational efficiency and deliver the best patient care.

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