Smart Attendance

Educational institutes around the world are adapting rapidly to IoT based technology solution to modernize their processes. Are you planning to be one of them? We are here to help


Forgot about Old Process

There are schools in which all the work relating to attendance is done on paper, i.e. the entire attendance is taken in the register and reports are produced at the end of the day. It is a very difficult task for the faculties or teachers to take attendance every day. There are different software applications for attendance to accelerate and to facilitate attendance to overcome such old-fashioned processes. We at Theta Technolabs provide one of them is the e-attendance or Smart Attendance system.


Start Attendance Assistant using Mobile App

With the Smart Attendance System, the class teacher can initiate recording of attendance using an easy-to-use mobile application. This mobile application allows the teacher to choose the class and initiate attendance. The application triggers the recording sensor present in the classroom. The sensors starts recording attendance of every student via sensors present in their ID cards.


Sense The Signals for E-ID-Cards

With RFID sensors embedded into the cards, the main sensors will read radio signals to identify the students present in the class. This entire process is wireless as the RFID technology works on radio waves. This attendance is automatically sent to the database of the main server and the teacher is notified of the completion of attendance.


Automatic Complete the Process

On completion of attendance, the teacher is notified using the mobile application. The teacher can easily turn off the sensor power using mobile application. The attendance for the class is saved safely in the database. Thus, the teacher can easily mark the process as completed without any major manual effort of taking the attendance.


Check Reports

The App consists of responsive administration panel and easy to use interface to almost handle it all. Each teacher has easy access to its background to see past records and history of attendance and other tasks.Also it provides simple to use management panel with a extremely powerful dashboard, designed to provide a quick summary of recent events and keep you informed of the app's status. The management part that allows the administrator to access and view weekly and individual reports of the students present and absent activities.