Smart Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be great if your home understands your moods? Theta Technolabs helps you build IoT based applications for smart home automation


Operate With Mobile Application

Your client’s residence is an intimate possession and we are here to assist your effort in helping them effectively manage it. Let your client easily control and manage safety and moderate electricity from all over the globe. With our smart mobile application solutions, we make it possible. These smart mobile solutions connect with home appliances via actuators and sensors. They allow you to control virtually any device you wish.


Operate all your devices from a single application

Control your electrical appliances and devices all at one place. Change, disable or turn off the lights in accordance with your mood. Control the speed of your fan without having to get up. Talk to your devices with interactive voice enabled controls. Sounds like something you would love to do? With our IoT expertise, we have it covered all under a single application. A single application can integrate with any device in your home or office with an easy to use UI


Smart Lighting

With intelligent lighting solutions, our intuitive solutions are the best mood setters. Would you like to switch a boring room into a dance hall or make a romantic lighting arrangement in a bedroom at one click? We make this happen. We enable dynamic lighting based on your needs. These intelligent lighting effects also lead to the creation of customized timetables, so that you can turn them on at night and turn them off before you go to bed automatically.


Smart Security System

With our smart security solutions, protect your property from intruders. When installed, door / window and motion detectors will inform you, when anybody attempts to break into your premises. In addition to that, we have wireless door opening and closing capabilities too. With smart locking systems which offer extra protection and peace-of-mind, we ensure your premises are same 24x7. Our applications can closely integrate with your existing security setup and help in receiving alarms and alerts anywhere in the world


Support after installation

With technology, comes the need for support. Our experts are dedicated to ensure that this phase of engagement remains smooth too. We provide a 24x7 support to our clients to ensure there is no trouble using our applications. Additionally, we also have a team of implementation experts who would be available to speed up fault resolutions anytime you need. This ensures that you get nothing but peace of mind with our IoT solutions