Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon Web services is a collection of excellent cloud based tools for enabling technology based organizations to progress rapidly. At Theta Technolabs, we help you get started with AWS quickly.


About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon joint venture which offers private individuals and groups, firms or governments with on-demand cloud services platforms via premium subscription systems. The technology makes a simulated cluster of desktop computers available to viewers throughout the Internet. The virtual computer version of AWS replicates almost all of the realistic computer's attributes, along with hardware devices (CPU(s) and GPU(s) for data processing, local / RAM memory, hard disk / SSD data storage), option of operating systems, networking, and pre-packed software applications, such as servers, databases, CRM, etc. Each AWS system aims to virtualize its I / O console, which enables AWS active users to communicate to its AWS via modern browsers using keyboard, display and mouse. The browser is used as a virtual machine window to allow active users to log in, set up and use their virtual systems just like a actual physical desktop computer. You can use your AWS systems to offer yourself and your clients Internet-based services.

How can we help?

We help the organization by providing a complete end-to-end solution for AWS. Our solution suite includes every prime Amazon Web service module that you would need. Our expertise is widespread across AR & VR implementations, AI & ML implementations as well as Web Development, Server architecture setup and Infrastructure setup services. Below are some of the services we deal in.

We help you setup your network for highly secured application deployments. With AWS Route53 and Cloudfront, we can help you route traffic across the world at great speeds.
Setting up a high-speed CDN is the need of day for speeding up your websites. With AWS S3 clubbed with Cloudfront, we help you distribute your resources faster across the world
Scalable databases are critical to applications performing large data transactions. We help you setup scalable databases for your web applications.
Secure your business APIs with the AWS API Gateway services. We help you in setting up AWS API Gateway to protect as well as organise your APIs. With AWS API Gateway, we ensure that you have necessary documentation auto generated for the developers.
With highly scalable AWS infrastructure, we can help you setup a containerized orchestration for your applications as well as an auto-scalable compute for your high traffic web application workloads.
With AWS SES, we help you get a jumpstart on your digital marketing campaigns with the agility of AWS. SES helps you optimise your marketing costs with optimum Email sending solutions.
Security is a critical part of any digital space. With the right set of AWS services, we help you secure your login process, AWS service usage as well as help in preventing any potential threats attacking your web application.
AWS provides an exhaustive tool suite for machine learning and AI applications. We assist our client with the below suite of ML and AI tools:

AWS Sagemaker setup and execution
AWS Recommendations
AWS Forecasting AI
AWS Image and Video analysis
AWS Advanced Tax Analysis
AWS Document Analysis
AWS Voice Recognition
AWS Conversation Agents
AWS AI powered Translation
AWS AI powered Transcriptions

We help in developing smart web as well as mobile applications utilising these suite of tools.