Architecture Consulting

With an exhaustive experience building highly scalable architecture for enterprise grade projects, we assist small and medium scale organization in getting started with large scale projects


Architecture Consulting - An important service for your project

Architecture is the principal provider of system quality, such as optimization, quality, modifiability, and protection as well as the decrease of costs. Architecture is an illusion for early assessment to ensure an appropriate structure is produced by a design concept. You can recognize and minimize structural design dangers early in the design process by constructing efficient architecture for the project. Industry requirements include software programming standards, technologies and systems are governed by the system architecture. It provides the correct practical alternatives for your success. To summarize, a project architecture creates a working environment, which maintains a layout of the entire project, in order to influence time to trade positively.

Our services

The infrastructure management services provided by Theta Technolabs help small businesses by offering detailed facilities and alternatives to improve the efficiency, productivity and capability of the enterprise business. We provide a structured system connectivity suggestion for the enactment or improvement of new infrastructure solutions to meet the conditions of the business process. Infrastructure services deliver end to end solutions for the design and connectivity of infrastructure from prerequisite surveying to structure size and network connectivity and configuration.

At, Theta Technolabs we comprehend the extra effort to create amazing software applications. For that we create techniques for system performance, data management and as well as a whole range of application reporting tools in one solution to solve your problems and to make your applications and services better. The Web Application Architecture is a schema consisting of relationships and conversations between software modules like middleware systems, user interfaces and database systems. The general concept of the Web Application Architecture is consistent with the concept of a browser user that triggers an application that can run on several websites. Also we can help in building Microservice as well as serverless architectures as per your need.

At Theta Technolabs we provide architectures and designs both from a technical and from an business point of view, for company-to-company and system-to-system alternatives. We suggest software and services and that take into account targeting user account groups, organizational effect, workflow procedures and technological infrastructure. To pinpoint objectives, difficulties and prospects, for solution our structural engineers work very keenly with customers. Our consulting team specializes in Handling large-scale decisive application development projects through managing risk and outstanding organizational engineering skills.

Why choose us?

The entire world is moving its services and applications to the cloud. With this movement, comes a bunch of choices to be made for migrating to the cloud. A consulting service from our skilled Architects help you in migrating these solutions in the right environment with minimal costs. The primary reason for choosing our solution architects for consulting are:

Best in what they do

We believe in hiring the best. Our solution architects are one of those. With exhaustive experience in building and deploying cloud solutions, they help you get off the feet quickly. In an environment where you would be charged for almost everything you use, it is important to choose the right person to handle the resources. Our architects help you in the same

Cloud migration is not an easy job

Over the years, our team of architects has completed deployment of over 50+ large scale solutions on the cloud. Migration to the cloud is never a simple job. With an experience of such a huge number of projects, they are aware of the potential problems that you might run into. This ensures that your application faces zero hiccups during the migration process.