Cloud Deployment

Excellent web application performance is the need for the day. With cloud based deployments, we ensure your web applications do not go down and provide excellent response time


The need for Cloud deployments

Our first task is to actually look all into the cost and overall Better performance that you have in mind, while approaching our company for cloud deployment services. After we have taken the level off your side, our professionals will start to build your application or website architecture. Cloud deployment has proven extremely advantageous not only because of protection and reliability, but also because of developer deployments.
Cloud deployment provides enterprises many huge benefits, but the desire to scale your cloud ecosystem on demand is maybe the main advantage of all. Scalability in the context of cloud computing can be defined as the ability to manage growing or decreasing resources in a manner that can meet business demands. Scalability is essentially a scheduled capacity level which can develop or reduce as necessary.
Cloud deployment has simple load balancer installation. Cloud load balance allows the company to reach a high performance level at lower prices than the conventional load balancing technology in their premises. Cloud load balance uses the optimization and endurance of the cloud service to meet new requirements for workloads and enhance availability in general. Load balancer is used to allocate traffic across your web servers, providing advantages like increasing throughput, reducing responsive times and ignoring overloading on any server.

Our services

Use an image block on the left showing shared cloud architecture Shared cloud is perhaps the most efficient paradigm for cloud deployment. Shared cloud hosting works on a shared common platform and provides a restricted number of subscribers on a simulated platform.

Use an image block on the right showing private cloud architecture Our Company prefer a private cloud deployment paradigm for better security and extremely isolated environments. A private cloud hosting provides protection with storage space and reliable backup facilities for business data and information.

We are experts in AWS as well as other cloud deployment providers like Digital Ocean, Microhost and others

Our team of professionals will conduct cloud deployment with detailed and accurate examination and close inferences of your IT infrastructure. We will help your team with cloud policy and layout by evaluating which cloud service is correct for your company, finishing a comprehensive research of your existing infrastructure, delivering cloud analytical creations, generating a economic business case for your deployment, and carrying out evaluations of applications and cloud capability.

Our team has the expertise in planning your infrastructure with optimum costs

As conventional IT infrastructure is already linked to huge expenditure in capital, and eventual upkeep and maintenance expenses, planning is crucial to ensuring both economic efficiency and high levels of service. IT infrastructure isn't just an digital support structure anymore. It has become a major part of everyday operations and a key factor in determining the future success of your company. The method of IT infrastructure planning describes and enhances the position of IT within your institution and instead recognizes what hardware, software and personnel are mandated for that purpose.

Why choose us?

In a pay-as-you-use environment like Cloud deployments, it is crucial to implement the projects on the cloud in a precise manner. With a wide range of projects done by Theta technolabs, our team today holds an expertise in deploying your web applications as well as AI & ML solutions on the cloud. This expertise helps you leverage the most out of the services you use. Primary reasons to choose us include:

Expertise with all popular cloud providers

Our experience with majority of the popular cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS as well as Microsoft Azure ensures that your deployment process is in the right hands. With a wide range of domains handled in past, we are skilled to analyse and predict the resources you need and ensure that your cloud deployment process is completed with optimum resources

Solution Architects on demand

Our team of Cloud Solution architects spend their entire day building and architecting scalable and extensible cloud solutions. We ensure that you get the perfect solution architect for your job. The solutions architects not only help in drafting the right path for deployment but also mentor and train your team if needed.