Cost Estimation

Budget planning is an important aspect for any project before it is kick-started. With our expertise, we help you estimate the exact cost for your projects


Importance of cost estimation

Helps in budget planning

At Theta Technolabs, our key duty of care is to carry out a project successfully within the estimated budget, time and quality and performance standards. Such three factors: Budget, time and overall quality are the heart and soul of each development project. However, although time and quality may be of equal worth in the lifespan of a new project, there could be no progress without the required amount of money and a well-intended and adequately calculated budget is required. With our experience in the domain, we assist you in planning the right budget for your IT projects.

Assists in being ready for any sudden project expenses

With the resources planned well, the cost estimates help in covering up the sudden expenses too. These expenses are the ones incurred due to unplanned challenges, changes suggested from client, unexpected unavailability of resource and others. With the right cost estimation, we help you in accounting for such potential loss factors as well.

Right choice of resources to balance budget and performance

Successful projects involve precise cost estimates, whether they model a building or develop applications. Estimated costs predicted the assets and related expenses required to carry out a project, which enables to accomplish project goals within the sanctioned timetable and budget. Costs of projects in the software development industry are divided in three categories: developer costs, resources and overheads. We help you build the right balance of these and charge the right for every project.

How can we help?

Our Infrastructure Development and Resource Planning Division ensures the quality and security of software projects by developing and managing a comprehensive, financially sustainable infrastructure plan and providing physical resources to facilitate access to quality features and services for all. Optimizing the use of IT infrastructure resources to ensure high application performance and low infrastructure costs. It is a cost-performance balancing act that requires an understanding of the current and future use of computing, storage and resources.
The more complicated the software, the more maintenance it will probably have to maintain. There are obvious questions about why and how much. This is a bit different and challenging because every product of the software is different. Maintenance costs can be minimized by intelligent planning and execution, but if you are not careful, you can also end up paying more to maintain your product than you did to develop it. Therefore we assist you in estimating the overall development and maintenance cost for a project.
The project's most important resource is its people/human -the project development team. Depending on the milestones or phase of the project, projects require specific expertise at certain times in the schedule. During a budget year, our organization can simultaneously host several strategic projects, which means that our employees can work on more than one project at a time. The procurement and coordination of these human resources is very essential to overall success in conjunction with the management of the project's time aspect.

Why choose us?

Theta Technolabs is dedicated to assisting its customers achieve their aims, customize their event perspectives, create an imaginative system and make and make a difference. Our clear understanding of evaluation with customer huge projects implies too that we continually aspire to offer real alternatives, even for problems they still do not know. For this purpose, we implement a gradual innovation and marketing technology strategy.

Familiarity with scalable cloud services

We are familiar with Scalability which implies the ability to develop and handle increasing demands on a process, network, software applications or device. This is one of our company’s most valuable and most important feature or service. We can increase or scale your cloud storage capacity to support the desires of your successful company through scalability.

Experienced team of solution architects

We have an experienced team of solution architects that bridges the gap between business problems and technology solutions. Solution architecture defines how the various components of a specific approach include company, information and technology architectures. As the solution architecture concentrates much more on particulars and solutions to a particular business issue, it offers a way between the corporate architecture and practical architecture.