Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We offer alternatives customised to your demands and manufacturing industry for enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality. Our technologies AR / VR augment state of the art technology with great ease.


Our Expertise

Location based AR

Location based AR is also referred as markerless, position based and geography based reality. In comparison to marker based AR, the location at which a virtual object must show up does not want unique markers. It relies mainly on GPS, navigation system, electronic compass and other advanced technologies to determine the coordinates and position of the smartphone with high precision. Augmented reality is accessible to every smartphone buyer because all modern phones are configured with these kind of sensors. Our AR developing team can develop many location based indicators and allow people/user to interact with the augmented reality. The location is used via GPS, network or beacon depending on the model.


Scene Recognition AR

We provide the Scene Recognition innovation with more accuracy and in a efficient way to the phone users to experience the Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality in your own devices. These innovations facilitate a person to look at the sense of the topic in the environment when taking pictures or video. It automatically simulates that environment analytically, examining what, where and when-for instance, whether the photo is taken of a guy, a pet dog, or any number of subjects, and whether it is on the river bank, in a snowy landscape, on a downtown sidewalk, or even in a poor rural atmosphere at a certain time of day, such as at night, during the day, etc. This technology instantly modifies the requirements at the time of capture of a photo in order to improve the picture intensity premised on the object and environmental conditions. The phone user can search online or graph information more easily after capturing the image or photo predicated on the environment at where it is captured.


Instant Object Tracking AR

Instant object tracking with Augmented Reality is the first characteristic using the simultaneous location and mapping technology we work with. It encourages our application developers to track models and showcase augmented reality and virtual Reality functionality feasibly without any need for specific target pictures or objects/patterns. Instant tracking enables you to position video content via a target indoors and outdoors. In contrast to image and object recognition, which mostly relies on pre-configured objectives to activate the showcase of digitally increased components, instant tracking is unmarked. Therefore it records characteristics of the external environment on its own to superimpose AR quality content rather than mandating a target.


Realestate Virtual Experience

Our company aims to provide Real Estate visualization in Virtual Reality and uses immersive technology to visualize building and house plans. We use this advanced technology mainly to generate graphical quality mockups for the real estate industry at the A++ grade console to assist their clients gain a virtue of scale, size, height and depth. We agree that the present business plan for real estate is ineffective in many sectors so we are putting such essential discrepancies, in particular by using this modern technology to increase the existing business plan. Customers usually come and visit several residential properties before deciding which one they really want. This takes more time and when a estate is far from where a customer lives, situations get complicated. So in this particular case, it is not only tedious to visit a residential property, but it can be costly.


Virtual Presentation Tool

We allow our developers to give the viewers/clients more importance and generate far more effective experiences. Whether you are actually looking for a basic core Presentation with Virtual Reality brand or just want to assimilate AR / VR in your existing apps, perhaps the most optimized feature is available. Virtual reality devices can actually help with modules and pursuits if you give an presentation for a professional development program. While living in the same room, you can put your staff in the scenario to actually learn how to really react. Virtual reality is not only a useful tool for games playing and fun, as well as for educational reasons. You can measure your staff members on how much they have discovered and analyze their output based on the pretend scenarios undertaken by VR Presentation.


Virtual Reality Glasses


Google Vr

Google VR Services offers Daydream and Cardboard apps with augmented reality features. These services help in enabling the support for VR in any of the regular applications


Oculus Rift

Electronic entertainment is reshaped radically by Oculus. Plunge into multiplayer games or go into your favorite movies with Oculus Rift glasses. We help you in enabling your application progress the right way.


Oculus Go

Oculus Go is all-in-one VR headset that’s portable and easy to use. Experience entertainment on the go with no PC, wires or hassles. Whether it's navigating to your favorite shows or to a far-off land, this intuitive controller makes getting there a cinch.


Google Clipboard Vr

Google Cardboard brings on your smartphone or tablet virtual reality. The Cardboard helps you start your favorite VR interactions, explore new applications and setting up a visualisation.