iOS App Development

Our iOS mobile app development team has a collective experience in the development and delivery of iPad and iPhone apps. We offer a wide range of applications including business, healthcare, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, travel and much more.


There is a lot of complexity in designing elegant and beautiful, feature-rich, custom iOS applications. Our creative iOS application development team can handle each of these quite easily. With an easy and simple-to-use, interactive and straightforward interface, our iOS app development services turn the perception of an iOS application into reality. Our iOS mobile application team continuously to be upgraded with the newest Apple announcements, modifications, frameworks, languages such as Swift & Objective-C and the new iPad and iPhone generations.

Our iOS professionals can manage multi thread ecosystem, build complex algorithms and provide aesthetic and creative outcome in the development of your applications. Our iOS team concentrate on overall quality and the timely delivery of the product. With the help of our goal-focused services which will obviously energize your business, we allow you to eventually move your business today to success. We are a mobile application development company for iPhone or iOS that proficiently implements your specific needs.

iOS Features

Development with Swift And Objective-C

Powerful IDE - Xcode

Swift Playground for Live View and Quick Practice

Auto Layout and Size classes for Better UI on Different devices

Hassles Assets Mgmt for Images and other resources

Systematic process of Deployment and App Store

Reliable Memory management with ARC

Built In Continuous Integration Process

Best Security and Privacy

Instruments for Debugging

Unit Testing/UI Testing

Test-flight makes it easy for Beta-Testing

Exclusive iOS Frameworks we work with

We use ML Kit as an external framework to integrate machine learning algorithms in iOS mobile application. ML Kit is a mobile device SDK that puts Google's machine learning knowledge and expertise in a strong yet easy and quick - to - use package for Android and iOS applications.

To provide the experience of Augmented Reality in your mobile application our team focus on ARKit. ARKit or Apple ARKit is the application framework for iOS phones and tablets for Apple's Augmented Reality (AR). ARKit enables developers to make AR experiences for iPad and iPhone in high detail.

For image analysis in application development we use Vision library. Vision is a framework that allows you to use high - quality image processing and computer vision technology to classify faces, easily detect features and categorize scenes automatically.

HealthKit is the module for Apple/iPhone app building that offers traceable health information and the physical health - conscientious technology for customer and regular iPhone user. A iPhone user can quickly check for a span of time observe fitness and health data.

Core Motion iOS framework used to forecasts movement and ecosystem - associated data from iOS apps ' onboard hardware, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, as well as from the pedometer, spectrometer and barometer. To obtain hardware - generated data, we use this framework to use it in iOS mobile application app.

HomeKit is a framework that allows people to configure, supervise and regulate intelligent devices at home using their iOS phones and other iOS devices. The HomeKit framework enables your HomeKit gadgets to be set and controlled by your apps. It offers a centralized database for your home to install these accessories.

The framework MetalKit allows you to enhance the animations and calculate your software's capability. MetalKit optimizes the code for animations, textures and I/O work. MetalKit uses MTKView to showcase its output, just like any other framework.

We use SiriKit framework that allows Siri to work with your iOS mobile applications, so that end users can do simple things with their speaking voice. In new strategies, your information and facilities can be used, including direct access from the lockscreen and it is completely free use.

Most Used In-Built Frameworks by us

The UIKit framework offers the resources needed for your iOS mobile applications. It offers the window and viewpoint design for the implementation of your mobile app user interface, the event management infrastructure for the delivery of multi-touch and other types of input to the app, and the primary execution loop required to handle user, system and application interactions.

In mobile app development we use Foundation Framework that offers a basic layer of features for applications and methodologies, such as information storage and perseverance, data processing, estimation of date and time, sorting and filtering and networking.

We use Core Location which provides support for the geographical region, altitude and speed, orientation or stance of a smartphone comparative to a neighbouring iBeacon. The framework utilizes all available onsite technology for data collection, such as Wi - Fi, Gps navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometer, barometer and mobile device hardware.

This framework is used for sketching, transformation, color management, offscreen animating, shapes, shading and gradients, image data management, image creation, and image masking, and also the creation, showcase and decoding of PDF documents.

Our team uses Core Data framework to handle your mobile application's design layer objects. It offers reductive and highly automated solutions, such as persistence, to basic tasks related to object lifespan and object chart management. Core data framework radically reduces the proportion of program you usually write to help support the layer of the design.

Apple Pay is a safe and relatively easy way for people to buy in stores, mobile applications and on the worldwide web. When we use PassKit APIs to support Apple Pay in your iOS mobile applications, users can buy products in the real world or donate money to non-profit companies without ever exiting the mobile app.

To safeguard specific information, build confidence and control access to a mobile device, we use the security framework. Security services generally endorse several objectives such as, set up the identity of the new user (verification) and carefully confer access to services (permission).

Most Used External Frameworks





Alamofire Image



Social Services SDKs








Firebase Realtime Database

Dependency Manager used by Theta Technolabs



CocoaPods is a dependency manager for cocoa projects in Swift and Objective - C. CocoaPods can help you expertly scale up your development projects.



Carthage is also a simple Cocoa application dependency manager. Solely in Swift, Carthage was published to handle iOS frameworks without modifying anything else in your Xcode projects.


Swift Package Manager

The Swift Package Manager is a tool to manage Swift code distribution. The method of accessing, reviewing and connecting dependencies is embedded with the Swift build system.