Nirvana Motors has launched Electronic scooters (E-scooters) runs with battery. As everyone can see and feel the regular hike in the price of Petrol from a decade, E-scooter is the best option to reduce the overall financial cost. It’s a very good concept to minimize the pollution, and take a positive step to decrease Global Warming


Design Stack

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Android & iOS

E-scooter Mobile application track details of battery usage and savings. It show data for what amount of battery is used, what remains and how soon it will get down. Application will also give nearby Battery station details.


Battery low? That’s fine. Open E-scooter Application, check nearby battery stations, check highest charged battery of station and ride to that station. Once reached, scan QR code from Mobile application which will open a battery socket and gives a maximum charged battery. Replace this battery with old and you are ready for next ride. This whole process is based on IoT (Internet of Things). Bikers can also purchase stylish accessories from application


Payments & Reports

We have integrated PAYTM to make payments. For replacing a battery, bikers have to buy battery swaps and use those swaps for replacements. Every Bikers have their profile in which their personal information has stored.He/ She can view history of ride and swaps, and also offers and promotions. Diagnozing gives information of the Scooter parts that need servicing or replacements


Map Route Indications

When bikers search nearby battery stations, it will highlight the route and mark the locations of battery stations.


All Screens

E-scooter provides services to optimize battery, check battery usage and savings, find locations of nearby battery stations, book battery in advance, and replace new battery with old ones very easily and quickly. E-scooter stores data of bikers such as personal information, rides and swap history etc. Last but not least user can rate and review E-scooter application and share own experience.


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