Pundit is an English Learning Application, provides an impromptu solution. It has a combination of Talk-bot and Chat-bot


Design Stack

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Login to learn English by the advanced method and make yourself confident.


Home Screen

You have three options for the way of learning. Conversations have sets of conversation which you can read and learn. Repeat with me facilitates you to repeat the conversation played by the application. It strengthens your listening and speaking skills. Start Casual Talk gives you answers on your queries.


Conversation Screen

This is one of the learning methods of Pundit. From this set of conversation, the user can learn English and also find the explanation for clear understanding. Users can also play audio which helps them to strengthen their listening skills.


Chat Screen

You can start talking casually with our Talkbot which is an “Alexa”. Alexa responds to your answers on your doubts. You can also use a voice recorder to ask the question. It uses the concept of Speech-to-text; which convert your recording into text internally and give a response on your question.


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