SLA Transit & Taxi

It’s a New York based transit system provides the prerequisite to plan a trip via MTA New York city Transit, MTA bus Company Transit, Metro-North railroad Transit and Long island railroad Transit. It also offers a taxi booking service.


Design Stack

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Android & iOS

SLA is a real time travel partner, compatible for both the technology android, iOS. It really helps people to navigate in New York with real-time predictions, trip planning, and alternate solutions

Transit System

You just need a place to travel in New York and SLA in your phone, you will get a superlative deliverable to plan a trip with all possible options. You can view itinerary details and steps, once you done with the lineup. Review boosts up your travel companion.


My Account

Wanted to change a profile? No worries. One step will take you to modify all your details and you can also see your “Trip history” from this place


Taxi Booking

A taxi booking service with integration of Transit. Pickup and drop of location is required to make a booking. It provides nearby rides, estimated cost and time to complete the ride. Once you confirm ride, you will get the driver and taxi details of your ride. Your route will also get highlighted on Map during the journey So it’s time to pick up! System generated one time password (OTP) must require to start the ride. Enjoy ride!



Make Payments by cash and Credit cards. User can store their multiple credit cards in system, for future trips


All Screens

Having stress to travel in New York? Get the SLA and reduce the efforts. It’s like a one man army for the New York travelers to plan a journey, book a taxi and take a pleasure


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