Smart Parking Solutions

With the exponentially rising traffic throughout the world, comes the need for organized parking. Theta Technolabs is here to help you build excellent smart parking solutions


Smart Parking Counters

With the Smart Parking Counters, we enable auto-detection of empty parking spaces to smartly display the count of available parking slots to the visitors at your premises. Our smart parking counters work wirelessly and allow you to display data anywhere you need. With Smart parking counters, the visitors will no longer need to roam around the parking zone which is already full.


Smart Parking Lights

Managing and organizing parking in a large premise could be a costly affair. With Smart parking lights, we help you in reducing the dead investment on your electricity bill. Additionally, Smart parking light also act as a guiding signal for the parking visitors to know about available parking slots. With Smart Parking lights, you could save considerable sum of money by turning off unnecessary lights.


Smart Parking Indicators

Smart Parking indicators are colored lights that help the parking visitor check for available slots easily. These indicators change colors based on the availability of the parking. This facility provides can be easily integrated with the parking counters to display live count of available parking. Thus, at Theta Technolabs, we work towards providing an all-round solution for the smart parking.