Smart Printing Solutions

Ever wanted to solve the problem of lacking availability at printing stations? We have an answer to that with our smart printing solution.


Do not wait in queue

With the conventional methods of printing, there was a problem of long queues in busy areas. These queues were created for two major reasons - Lack of enough printers and also lack of manpower. With the smart printing solution, you can get rid of both. Smart printing solutions enable printing without the need for manual involvement. At the same time, you can deploy as many printing stations as you need and the complete process is automatic.


Upload the file using a mobile application

The smart printing solution is easily accessible using a mobile application. The mobile application allows the user to register, using the printing station and also pay using an easy-to-use interface. A registered user can easily upload a document to be printed. The document is uploaded to secure cloud storage. This document can then be printed from any printing station.


Find a suitable printing station

The printing stations associated with the application will be deployed across the city or premises. These printing stations can be easily found using the location map on the mobile application. You can easily locate the printing station that is most convenient in terms of distance.


Scan the QR Code at the station

The Smart printing stations are all connected to the cloud. Every printing station will consist of a QR code to identify it. You can choose any convenient printing station in your surroundings. Once you reach the station, all you need to do is scan the QR code at the station. On scanning the QR code, the printing station will automatically fetch your uploaded documents


Take your printout in a few clicks

Choose any printing station and scan the QR code at the station. Once the printing station downloads the list of your uploaded files, you can easily select the document you want to print. Configure the margins and padding if needed and take the print out. The payment for the printout will be automatically charged to your account.


Administering the printing stations

Check User records

With a smart IoT solution, comes the need to manage the solutions. The smart printing stations can be easily monitored using an elegantly designed administrative panel. The administrator can easily view the list of registered users from anywhere using the web application. The administrator can also create as well as block any spam users using the same panel.


Check the document status online

The administrator also has the right to check and monitor the documents that are being uploaded. The administrator can view the document print status as well as stop a document from printing at any time. Additionally, the interface also comes with a summarized output of the usage of various printing stations to help you manage them well.