OEM and CFA are Sales Production Automation tool with integration of SAP which automated the process of production and sales


Design Stack

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Submits Production - Once the production completed, it will scan the product and register its all data. Dispatch to CFA: The data will be sent to CFA for the purpose of dispatching the product.


OEM Screens

OEM is a production channel. It has two processes. First, it will collect the finished products, and scan all those with Barcode. Second, it will register the products with all the required details.


CFA Screens

CFA is a distribution channel. CFA scan the material received from either OEM or from another CFA. The purpose of re-scanning material is to remove duplicity. CFA will pass the data and products for the process of dispatch. When the products come in to dispatch process, it will scan the barcode to check weather product is similar as CFA passed or not. If everything’s good then it’s ready to dispatch to distributors


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