BMI Reader

BMI Reader

A chatbot with Artificial Intelligence which is used to calculate Body mask Index with help of Machine Learning


Design Stack

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Welcome Screen

Do you want to check your BMI? Let’s go on then; Login and proceed further.



Check your Current BMI by tapping “Check you BMI”. You can also view your previous BMI history along with the chat from “Chat History”


Chat Bot & History

This AI chatbot will ask you a few questions like Gender, Date of Birth, Height, and Weight. Based on this information it calculates your BMI and suggestion for improvements. It stores all BMI and chats history which you can see whenever you want.

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Crewfacts is an internal management system which offers a corporate lodging to Agency


Design Stack

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It’s a snapshot of all the activities of Crewfacts.


Tasks Management

When it’s an internal management system, a very first thought coming out of mind is chaos. But we have managed all the task to make system elegant.

Edit template with ease

Email Management tab facilitate user to easily modify content and designs of Email template that is generated by system.


Manage Reports

Reports are heart of any Business or Organization. We are managing reports of Crewfacts for Reservations, Invoices, Key Matrices, Crew Analytical Reports, Activity log and Credit card log. It works as an organized statement of facts related to a particular subject prepared after an investigation is presented


Log in

Woah! It’s a CRM Mobile application of Crewfacts


Room Reservation

Are you bored of traditional method of booking a room for your stay? Don’t worry, get the Crewfacts and just chill. Add a date of check-in and check-out, number of person and identification, you will get all details of available rooms with cost. Once you have filtered your essentials, you are done for reserving a room. Calling and Emails are replaced by this smoother process that Crewfacts provides


What is Crewfacts?

And the Excitements begins, enjoy the video and make us prove right for all the explanations about CrewFacts.

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