ShopCloud is an E-commerce application only for Electronics items. Available at both play store for Android and App Store for iOS. No need to go out for electronics equipment, stay home, use ShopCloud and get the items delivered wherever you want.


Design Stack

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Login & Sign Up

Login and register with either email id or Facebook. Signup with Facebook can automatically fetch user’s date from Facebook profile. User, who wanted to register by e-mail, has to fill the registration form. Once the registration is done, you can enjoy shopping from the application.



User views the categories of products from Home. We have used the Business Intelligence (BI) process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help users. Use of BI can suggest users for offers & promotions, Bestselling items, Daily featured products and also newly added products.


Item Details

Here, the user can find all the details of a particular product. Product’s ratings and reviews are being shown here. You can buy a product from here, just hit Add to carts and follow some basic steps and Make Payment. User can add products in the wishlist for future purpose. So they can pick it from wishlist once they wanted to purchase.


AI based Shopping Chatbot

It’s an Artificial Intelligence-based Chabot where user can ask question/queries and get answers/suggestions accordingly. Basically, it helps those users who do not want to view all products and have an idea of what they wanted to buy. But they do not have enough information about the product. In this situation, our AI Chabot works the best.

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Kidznest is an Android Television application. It is a unique online holistic child development program cultivating young minds via most entertaining use of interactive digital technology. Simply it nurtures kids in a very early age.


Design Stack

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It’s a bilingual application. User must plugin the Fire stick to play with the kidznest.


Select Language

You can choose the language English OR Gujarati. Once you subscribe, you can enjoy application’s amazing features.


Learning Time

So here time comes to learn something interesting based on your child’s Grade of schooling. Every grade has a set of subjects and all those subject derives some modules. Toddlers can acquire skills by entertaining videos and games of a particular Module. Learning will come naturally as your child embarks on an entertaining journey in the world of Kidznest!


All Screens

Kidznest is a platform where kids get a Multi approach learning through Observation, Exploration, Experimentation, Inspiration, Decision-making, Problem Solving, Creativity, Music, Dance, Art and Games. In order to make application secure, we have encrypt the videos through local server that will play runtime.


Promotional Video

We have added beautiful promotional videos of kidznest to make it more passionate. Kidznest has lively animated characters which are inspirational, motivational, friendly, funny, and quirky which would captivate a child and provide fun learning.

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Sparsh is a Program for Advancement of Rural and Social Health. Sparsh connects Field supervisors (FS), Village Health Workers (VHW) and Mobile Health Team (MHT) to help villagers for their medical conditions in major disease like Hypertension (BP), Diabetes, COPD, Cancer (Oral, Cervical & Breast)



Here you can find the list of villages, and patient’s information such as Name, Gender, Age, and Date of registration.


Check Prescription & Select Village

The pharmacy will provide the medicines and print the bill and if medicines are not available at the current time, they will assign VHW for the medicine delivery. VHW of the particular village will get notified for the medicines and deliver a parcel of medicines to the patient by visiting them.

All Screens

Here you can see the Application of Doctors. Doctors can add disease information to the patient’s form. Doctors add and view the record of their visit, patient’s information and follow-ups. You can search the patient’s record by their CAMP code.


Admin Site

Admin manages all the Field supervisor, village Health workers, Register, Doctor, and Pharmacy. Admin can also add, edit and delete Location. Admin generates the Reports.


Sparsh in Nutshell

It’s only 7:34 minute video which can better explain what “Sparsh” is and how it works? You can spend at least this much amount of time to show and appreciate the work of Shree Krishna hospital, which has launched non-communicable diseases (NCD) care program for advancement of Rural and Social Health.

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