LAMP Stack

We make full use of LAMP Stack's far extending capability to deliver detailed solutions. LAMP, an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, is a web platform with open source software that provides a strong solution for web based app development.



Linux is the most popular operating system that provides a powerful performance without compromising on usability. With a great architecture, Linux promises to be the best server operating system in use.



Apache is the most commonly used software for remote server. Apache is not only free and open source but also supported by a large community. The software is regularly maintained and upgraded too.



MySQL is a popular and widely used SQL database management system and it is available open source. It is among the best RDBMS for developing different internet-based web and mobile applications.



Perl, PHP and Python are three very prominent programming languages that are simple to learn, each with its own pros and cons. These popular languages work perfectly with the above technologies.

Tools & Technology


RIPS – Security feature

RIPS is a technology for static code evaluation to simulate security flaws in PHP implementations automatically.



Vagrant is an free computer software product for the development and maintenance of portable virtual software.



Git is a version control mechanism distributed during the production of computer software to monitor alterations to the software.



New relic monitoring software offers real time and historical perspectives into desktop and mobile applications ' quality and reliability.



Jenkins is a Java programing language free and open source continuous integration simple tool for monitoring and investigating in real time on confined revisions to a bigger code base.



Composer offers a standard model for handling PHP computer software repositories and the librarie needed to implement PHP application - level package manager software language.

Solution with LAMP stack we offer

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Framework used with LAMP stack