About Us

From small business applications to large scale projects, from a startup to an established IT services organization, we grew. We stand strong with our expertise, ethics as well as values


A one-stop IT solution provider

Forget the days when you need to contact multiple agencies for different streams of IT related tasks. At Theta Technolabs, we provide solutions ranging from normal web development to mobile application development as well as Machine Learning, AI and IoT based solutions. With an expertise in on-premises as well as cloud deployment architectures, we ensure that every solution is developed and deployed right.

Our Values & Culture


We are known for our strong connection with people, our notions and the work we do. Our correspondence is encouraged to keeping for quite a long time and years. Giving due respect to customer relations, we have well established connections with our team members, our business families, community members and our associates.


In this arena, we are strongly connected with knowledge. Knowledge is considered our valuable asset at Theta Technolabs. Our work is complemented with the aim of spreading knowledge. We trust that innovation and creativity are developed by knowledge So we reinforce ourselves every day by learning innovative concepts


Honesty is the best policy. We follow the same concept at Theta Technolabs. No step in violation of this unwritten law.


We are monitoring and promoting transparent company structure. Transparency is a very significant element because it relates straight to the company's reputation. We certainly have a normal dodge for each service, but for any service we have no back service.

Our Achievements


Projects Completed


Clients Served



Why Theta Technolabs?

Your problem is our problem

We are sitting on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We're not trying to sell you the latest techno gizmo – we're paying close attention to your business problem and offering several strategies to solve the problem's ROOT and achieve your goals.

We are absolutely FUN To Work With.

Anyone can fix a computer, but the experience of working with the person helping you is so important (recall the last time you went to a nice restaurant vs. McDonalds). The Theta Technolabs Team really takes care of every client. This drives us to provide their systems with absolute fanatical support.

Security is paramount

We follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients at Theta Technolabs, as well as internally. Your security is just as good as the chain's weakest link. To keep networks safe, we educate our team and our customers on cyber security. We have your back!

We Guarantee Uptime, Support and Services

We hate downtime as much as you do, and we do our utmost to ensure the highest possible uptime for all our customer's product! We are so confident that we offer uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent.