Security and privacy of our client’s information is our foremost concern and we ensure that with extreme caution.


NDA & Employee Agreements

All our employees are hired and maintained under long term confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. They are bound to follow the privacy policies and non-disclosure policies strictly. Any case of carelessness or failure in following the same is dealt with strictly.

The laws imposed on each of the employees involved:

  • Anytime during or after employment, you cannot disclose the name of the clients or the project details to an external organization
  • At any point of time during the project engagement, any official documents cannot be shared over personal emails
  • Any negligence in sharing of information could lead to immediate termination and fine if any damage is caused due to it
  • No portable storage devices are allowed in the premises to ensure that the documents or any confidential information are not carried away
  • Any unauthorized device is found on the premises, the company would reserve the right to confiscate the device and penalize the employee

Customer Agreements

Protecting the customer’s information is our prime responsibility in every project. To ensure that we are legally abided to implement this, we formally sign an agreement with each customer to incorporate all the privacy norms that the customer expects us to follow. This helps us to build the customer’s confidence in us and also ensures that we formally implement measures to safeguard all the information being transacted.