Devise innovative ways to ride the agribusiness transformation wave

Agricultural Technology

While the agriculture industry is going digital, we are helping drive the AgTech change through agriculture software solutions and platforms for farmers, landowners or anyone in agribusiness. Gain total control and visibility over their land, crops, livestock, and equipment.

Some of our Agricultural
use cases

Land Management software solutions
Develop world-class solutions for agricultural operations for site-specific data mapping optimization and accurate yield forecasting.
Ariel software and analytics
Capture field images to build precision maps for monitoring crop yields, field conditions, and weather change. Enable UAV drones to spray pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.
Smart Controllers & Sensors
Implement smart controllers & sensors on the land/farm to screen the yields for changes in temperature, light, humidity, weather patterns, and other environmental factors.
Irrigation system management
Design irrigation software with computer-aided designs (CAD), digital terrain modelling (DTM), hydraulic systems, and irrigation patterns.
Labor Management Software
We engineer field operations and labor management software that facilitates the scheduling, reporting, and tracking of employees and their movements in the field.
Hydroponic farming solution
We develop IoT solutions for hydroponic farming to help modern agriculture businesses grow plants without soil, only by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent.

Check out some of our AgriTech for businesses

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