AI Surveillance

Video surveillance comes in handy for security, quality monitoring as well as people monitoring purposes. Theta Technolabs helps you improve your surveillance with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI surveillance is an add-on to the digital video and audio surveillance systems in place. With AI surveillance, you can smartly detect desired actions and take a respective step based on it. AI surveillance understands the objects over the time by automatically learning about them. This helps your surveillance systems to turn smarter

Practical Applications of AI Surveillance

Factory Safeguarding

Manufacturing lines and Production plants are prone to hazardous activities. There can also be occasions of fraud or theft taking place. Video surveillance comes in handy in such cases. With video surveillance your people can take care of preventing such occurrences. However, there is always a chance of miss if the human is not attentive. To stay competitive, many manufacturing plants today are opting for smarter video surveillance systems. We develop such a detailed surveillance cameras system that will help you safeguard your building smartly. Our AI surveillance systems can help you detect frauds, thefts and mishaps as soon as they occur.


School Safety

School safety is the second most important aspect in a school after education. School safety is becoming a concern for every institution. Despite the right measures like ID card, authorized vehicles and video monitoring in place, there are mishaps that happen. The need for the day is smarter AI based surveillance systems. With AI surveillance, we help you immediately detect students without ID cards, person in the restricted areas as well as any unauthorized person within the premises. With these features, we ensure that the concerned team is notified and an action is taken to keep the school safe


House Security Systems

We are providing AI Surveillance system for your home for security and safeguard purpose. There are several advantages of installing a video surveillance system at your home. It is the best and easiest way of protecting your home. Modern technology allows you to tap your video stream from almost anywhere, so you are never out of knowing exactly what's going on in your home. With the power of AI, your surveillance systems can get smarter. They can immediately alert you in events like a break-in or a vehicle theft at your home. These days people also utilise AI surveillance to take ensure their little ones are safe in the house.


Traffic Monitoring

As the count of vehicle on the roads increase day by day, monitoring traffic is becoming increasingly challenging. It is therefore a crucial to have rapid and smart solutions for traffic control which can help to reduce traffic problems. We develop such video surveillance system that can monitor traffic rule violations and generate fine slips against the breachers. This would help in making the citizens more cautious about how they drive and behave on the road.

These are very few of the possible applications of AI surveillance. So where do you plan to use it? Let us discuss.