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Case Study

A robust solution that lights up large scale enterprises


Type of project

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A robust solution that lights up large scale enterprises

Project overview

We created a complete end-to-end wireless Bluetooth mesh technology that will enable our partners and their customers to adapt to connected lighting solutions. This wireless mesh technology is designed and suitable for large-scale installations for enterprises, buildings, and commercial environments. This solution comprises of simple commissioning tool (via android or iOS app) on your phone or tablet and a web portal for real-time monitoring and control.

artificial intelligence app development

The challenge

Operating group of lights together
Large scale organizations spread in a large physical space need to operate all the lights at one or manage them partially.

Introduce a gateway
Need to build a gateway to create a seamless connection to operate the lights

Our effective

Wireless mesh network
We created a BLE-based self-organizing wireless mesh network that can control a large number of fixtures from any point.

Local control
The user can control lights locally via Bluetooth or remotely via the internet using a gateway

Seamless connection
We achieve a seamless connection between mobile and gateway to work smoothly with smart light in real-time.

Value delivered

Robust solution
Our solution is super robust and able to manage the whole mesh network of smart light locally via BLE Mobile App and also remotely via the Internet.

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