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Case Study

Electric Bike/Scooter Application with Battery Management Solution


Type of project

Client location

Electric Bike/Scooter Application with Battery Management Solution

Project overview

Our client is India’s biggest e-scooter company. They wanted to build a mobile application for e-Scooter management and battery management. With this application, the user can assess the health of the battery, the range of the battery, and other e-bike related things.

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The challenge

Develop seamless connection
We had to work on a solution that would enable the seamless and robust connection between the battery charging station and the e-Bike or e-Scooter status.

Set up CI/CD
We had to develop a CI/CD for the mobile application deployment process.

Our effective

BLE-based communication
We worked on BLE-based communication for the Battery changing/swapping station. This allows users to swap newly charged batteries instead of the old battery.

We set up GeoFencing for E-Bike/E-Scooter and once the bike or scooter leaves the geofence it will be turned off.

Battery Health
We added a feature that allows admins to compare battery health and set up alerts for any serious problem in the battery or any other part.

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