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Case Study

Integrating all modes of commute and transit possibilities for New Yorkers


Type of project

Client location

Integrating all modes of commute and transit possibilities for New Yorkers

Project overview

The client offers a one-stop solution to all the transit problems in New York City. They wanted to build a Mobility as a Service option for their customers using all types of transit modes available in New York such as Subway, Train, Tram, Airport, Bus, Ferry, Taxi. The app is an integration of all the commute, transit and travel options available in New York City.

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The challenge

Third-Party Integration
The app had to integrate the whole MTA Subway, MTA Bus, LIRR, MNRR, Tram other third-party software to get exact transit-related information

Identify the possible routes and offer transit options
We had to identify all the forms of transit options and make suggestions for nearby lines for subway & buses

Our effective

Open trip planner
We had to set up an OTP (open Trip Planner) to get exact trip-related information for further identification of routes and transits and also to gather data about the possible options that users take.

Taxi portal
We set up a Taxi portal where small independent taxi company can register their taxies and use the platform

Best way to plan a trip
We incorporated the feature that would allow the users to identify the best way to plan a trip from destination A to destination B

Value delivered

OTP 1.5 Integrated MTA Subway, LIRR, MNRR, Ferry with OTP 1.5 for trip planning
Live location Integrate MTA live Maps with live location of trains

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