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Case Study

Wedding portal that shows vendors according to user preferences


Type of project

Client location

Wedding portal that shows vendors according to user preferences

Project overview

Our client was an AI-based wedding portal that enables users to find wedding services vendors based on their preferences. The users go through a survey to understand their requirements and preferences. They need to select and make choice from two photographs (each depicting a different style and theme of wedding). Based on the survey, one simple AI-based rule engine showcases only those vendors who match their test and budget with matching percentages.

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The challenge

Provide personalized solutions
We had to provide a solution for creating a simple AI-based matching algorithm that helps the user to find their exact style taste vendor.

Our effective

Smooth experience
We crafted an easy-to-use portal for users as well as vendors to create a seamless experience for a hassle-free wedding

Real-time chatbot
We incorporated a real-time chat system for price negotiation and portfolio sharing to make it easy for users to finalize the deal.

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