Mobile Health Solutions

Our companies main objective is to furnish patients and doctors with the finest service and perhaps the most up to date, modern and advanced technology.


We sometimes forget about our physique in our daily schedule and wound up with several health problems as our age progressed. The perception of our company is to improve mobile device health care innovations and services in order to obtain more precise and quicker remedies for the diagnosis, treatment and management of cardiovascular disease and sickness etc.

For many different businesses, mobile health solution provides a broad variety of medical services. We deliver highly flexible all in one alternatives for market specific needs to modernize the process of choosing checkups and examining your business requirements.

The Top Health Related Issues


Obesity multiplies your risk of establishing related symptoms like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease etc. It is important to monitor several health parameters on regular basis to prevent obesity. These include practices such as calorie consumption, workout routine, body weight management.

Blood Pressure

When your own blood pressure is extremely high, additional stress in your blood vessels (and your heart) can eventually lead to strokes and heart attacks. These could potentially be prevented with devices that monitors heart rate, blood pressure and bodyweight.

Lack of vitamins because of not following Healthy Diet

Since vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your energy levels up and body healthy, it can lead to problems if you do not get enough vitamins. This only occurs if you have very low vitamin levels in your entire body which is known as a deficiency.


High Blood Sugar

It can trigger severe medical difficulties if your blood sugar levels is high for longer periods. Be cautious about whether or not you seem to have diabetes. Tracking and remembering to examine your blood glucose levels in a suitable location is important thing to take care


Long - term anxiety and migraines can eventually cause your nervous system to regularly release stress hormones. This may significantly increase severe symptoms like migraines, nausea and severe depression. If not monitored and controlled carefully, anxiety could lead to incurable disorders

Improve Your Health

Your everyday activities can be analyzed to help preserve a profitable healthy diet and eventually lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether you've been walking or running, hiking or cycling, indoor or outdoor sports, you can use the multiple built-in trackers to add and monitor the different physical workouts and activities in one step. All these factors help in improving your overall health.

Improve Your Health

It is difficult to determine how much or what type of activity you need to be healthy and fit. We develop mobile apps that monitors your physical activity, examines sleep every night and assesses your exercises. Many video clip keep you energized and help you achieve your regular routine healthier and more entertaining.

If we modify several simple things in our regular activities, we can eliminate these problems easily and quickly in the near future. For this reason, we provide you with the following alternatives to monitor each personal health factor on a routine basis.

Weight/Body Fat management

Body weight involves body fat as well as other body components such as bone, organs, fluid, muscle, etc. We build apps that allows you to measure your body mass index, body fat percentage and ideal body weight on the basis of your input values. The app uses the scientific formulation derived from the great medical researchers to measure these things. All these estimations require age, gender, height and weight parameters.


With today's busy schedule, drinking water routinely is a huge challenge. Our mobile app will definitely help you quantify how much water you need, track whenever you drink water and intelligently inform you when to drink. It's time to use modern technological ability to enhance your overall health.


We develop crucial app for finding calorie information about the foods you eat and tracking your meals and snacks, workout and statistical data easily. The apps are easy to use and have all the awesome tools you need to excel in managing the daily calories in-take.



Proper sleep is a crucial part of a healthy and happy lifestyle, and your heart, body weight, mind and more can benefit. For health, sleeping a great night is extremely important. In fact, eating healthy food and exercising is also as important. We develop remainder measuring app that calculates the appropriate awakening time at a given time of sleep.


Our developing team focuses on app that comprises of several illnesses and diseases, such as health conditions, diagnoses and typical treatments, and portrays useful ways to evaluate patient’s diet and exercise. The app includes an in-depth analysis of particular nutritional needs, macronutrients, micronutrients and caloric intakes at all life stages

Daily exercise

We offer mobile apps to provide all your primary areas of the body with regular workout routines. You can build core muscles and keep physique at home in just a couple of minutes every day without going to the gym. No gym equipment or trainer is required, all workouts can only be carried out with your weight.

Those things are hard to maintain in daily routine because we need some kind of motivation. So, we are providing an application which will help you to stay fit by providing alerts, reports and many more. We are also providing external device integration and Health check up reports.

Weight/Body Fat Management

  • Take the current Body Measurements and Weight
  • Set the Goal
  • Set how aggressive you want to achieve the goal (e.g weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Notify the user on a periodic basis
  • Take reading manually/automatically
  • Use other Health devices like Fitbit, Health Mate for automatic synchronization
  • History and chart
  • Achievements on progress

Daily Intake of Water

  • Water is the essential part of the body with 60% coverage every day.
  • Water can help us with dehydration, weakness and mostly it removes the toxins from our body.
  • The daily recommendation for water is 68 ounces which are equal to 2 liters.
  • So we set the goal for every user with the recommendation water goal and manually they can change the value as per there goal.
  • Notify the user every day on Morning and Evening
  • Take reading manually/automatically and sync with other devices
  • History and chart
  • Achievements on progress

Minimum 8 Hours of Sleep

  • The more you sleep, The more you Live
  • Less sleep means less productivity on the next day, weakness, dizziness and much more common disease which can become a serious problem in our future.
  • Minimum 8 Hour sleep should be taken by Human
  • By default, we set 8 Hour Goal per day.
  • We also set the sleep time along with the Goal so that we can notify the user for time to sleep.
  • We can also track the sleep with Fitbit which provide us the detailed summary of user awake, deep sleep, in-bed time.
  • Take reading manually/automatically and sync with other devices
  • History and chart
  • Achievements on progress

Proper Calories in-take with Nutrition Mgmt

  • Food is an essential part of your day to day calories.
  • Based on our BMI we will set our calorie goal.
  • Daily Calorie is required to maintain our metabolism and weight.
  • If we eat more than our daily calorie then we ended up with more weight.
  • In order to manage this Nutrition, we create a daily plan from morning to evening.
  • In the daily plan, we add foods and supplements suggested by the trainer or doctor in order to maintain the daily calorie.
  • We also take care of other vitamins like proteins, Healthy fats, vegetable, and cards.
  • We also set the time for Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, and snacks
  • We also take care of other allergies of the patient so that patient doesn't get any bad health effects after following the diet plan
  • We have over 80,00,000 foods with almost 70% with its barcode/QR code so its almost for every region
  • Take reading manually/automatically and sync with other devices
  • History and chart
  • Achievements on progress